Summer 2021 – Health & Fitness

haven’t posted an update in awhile soooo here it is!

  • i’m currently participating in the American Cancer Society’s August 50-Mile Run fundraiser – donate here! (21 down, 29 to go)
  • been busy watching some of the olympics – very inspired by a lot of these amazing, strong female runners. especially enjoyed a tiktok video comparing the finishes of the men’s and women’s triathlons side-by-side (the top male finishers were all collapsing on the ground, while the female winners had some energy reserves left) + was shocked to see that other people are just as obsessive as i am + actually tallied up the brands/types of shoes the athletes were wearing! i was so excited i could stop trying to zoom in now! 👀🤓
  • increased milage – i have finally managed to push past the concrete wall i was running into for almost an entire year every time i hit 6 miles. i finally made it to 7 a few times and 8 miles, twice now! it’s very exciting for me + a great feeling to finally be improving again at what i love to do most ! next goal: half marathon 😬
  • & not only was i inspired/finally able to push myself further distance-wise… i also ordered 2 new pairs of running shoes…. yes, i have a problem. no, i am not working on it. i think there are many, many, many worse things to spend $ on ! these newest pairs include Hoka One One Mach 4 + Saucony Endrophin Speed 2, the latter which inspired me to do some speed work for the first time in IDK…ages – b/c i always run for distance only. (see Nike Run Club splits screenshot)
  • July 2021 – i was invited by a friend to do a 30-day yoga challenge w/ her + initially wasn’t sure i’d be able to fit it into my schedule w/ running + working full-time, etc., but decided to jump in + #justdoit™️ (sponsored by Nike)(jk…a girl can dream) – we did the MOVE series by Yoga w/ Adrienne on YouTube + i noticed the benefits pretty early on + was so glad i said yes! i used to do yoga 2-3/week for over a year but admittedly stopped when Covid hit. yoga has always been a low-motivation activity for me to do on my own, so going to hot yoga classes at my favorite studio was previously the only way i’d commit. however, now having been at home/wfh for over a year, my routine has become pretty consistent so i felt confident i could add this in + stick w/ it. now i plan to retain this as a permanent part of my daily routine – although recently i’ve been doing the Yoga For Busy People series, which are still all different flows but only ~10-20 mins. long. very noticeable effects include: increased flexibility + posture, improved circulation, stronger runner – less injury prone/better recovery & improved focus + mental health. 🤸🏼‍♀️
  • in 2019, i was using 8 lb. weights for strength training. in 2020, i moved up to 10 lbs. now, i’m using 12 lb. weights! noticeably increased muscle tone.
  • the one other 🔑 health/fitness item i’ve been focusing on = hydration. i used to be so good about it at the office + figured running more (especially in hot weather) + being at home would naturally increase the water i’m consuming, but i found myself frequently feeling v dehydrated, so i purchased a 32 oz. Nalgene water bottle w/ measurement markings on the side so i would pay more attention to my hydration level. this has honestly helped so much, i feel like i have to empty the bottle at least 1x per day or it would be a failure on my part… so i never let that happen. idgaf. every mf day – minimum 32 oz., then afterwards i can have la croix or whatever tf else i want to drink (*still 100% dry/no alcohol), but good ol’ H2O must come first (!)
––Adam Peaty