Khao Lak

The flight from Bangkok to Phuket was only ~ an hour + included a pretty view! IMG_6394Ban Bang Niang Beach was gorgeous and surprisingly not very crowded while we were there. Our hostel was perfect since it was around $7/night and included AC and wifi. There was breakfast every morning for 100 baht which included coffee/tea, fresh juice, fresh fruit, eggs and toast. Additionally, the owner, Parisia spoke English very well and was so sweet. She waits up for her guests to arrive even if its 3 in the morning and is very friendly.  When we had to leave she gave us all a hug and a kiss on the cheek and waved goodbye as our van drove away. So if you visit Khao Lak stay at Parisia Guesthouse!


We got to swim in this pool which is at a beachside resort since they were just opening and wanted to appear like they have customers. We did eat at their cafe for lunch which was super westernized and overpriced but we were in a touristy area so that’s to be expected. The rest of our time there we stuck to Thai food and everything from curry to tom yum noodles was delicious. I almost never burn and even with SPF 45 and reapplying still managed to get some pretty red shoulders because the sun is so strong here in the south but I also got a pretty nice tan so it was worth sacrificing the shoulders.


Khao Lak is amazing and definitely a place I would visit again. It’s good for a quick getaway  (we only stayed 5 days). It also wasn’t very crowded so we were able to truly vacation, enjoy life slow-paced and take in the beauty of Thailand.