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Workfront Rollout + Implementation Process

Project plan for the rollout + integration of Workfront.

The above is an initial project plan I put together for the rollout of Workfront across the email creative team at Epsilon in February 2020. At the time, I was the only project manager on our team + learned how to use Workfront through instructional training videos provided on the site, independent learning/training + simply just beginning to work in it + work through any issues that arrived. Next steps included collaborating with our QA/QC manager to setup a portfolio, intake forms + project templates (customized per client).

Workfront project template I made from scratch for the email creative team.

Since then, I have improved our templates to now include parent/child tasks, milestones + have learned to export project timelines in different views to fit each + every unique client/team need (+ aesthetic preference).

Once we had a portfolio to work in, along with project templates, I began holding training sessions with the creative team (for just one client as a start). Once the team had been working within the tool for a period of time, (multiple projects completed 100% inside of Workfront), I made some adjustments based on the team’s consolidated feedback that I had collected + also held follow-up discussions about how to best implement our creative development process within Workfront. I really enjoyed this new challenge + time of diving deep into software functionality, team operations, problem-solving + optimizing process to increase team efficiency.


Social Distancing Self-Care + Self-Reflection

Take this short quiz to discover what level of self-compassion you have – prompted some reflection on thought patterns + caring for your emotional self during tough times.
I also highly recommend checking out Liz + Mollie’s (co-authors of an insightful read, No Hard Feelings: The Secret Power of Embracing Emotions at Work) assessment to help you learn about your emotional tendencies. There are also additional assessments that focus on evaluating your team’s emotional culture + your organization’s emotion norms.

Journal Prompts:

  • i am noticing _____. i am thinking _____. i am feeling ______.
  • (observe any tension in neck + shoulders)
  • what are your ‘mini breaks’ throughout the day?
  • what activities have you done recently that you didn’t like?
  • what activities have you done lately that you did like?
  • write down 3-5 things you’re grateful for (daily or weekly)