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NFL International Email Creative

These have been some of my favorite emails I’ve worked on. I love getting to see all the different versions + proofing translated copy is a fun, new challenge. I will add more detail around this work + an example of my favorite NFL Domestic work (Draft Newsletter) – to be continued…

This ended up getting cancelled but was cool to be in the know for ~5 seconds!

Adobe Creative Types

Last year I got The Adventurer + this year I got The Maker. I initially expected to get the same result, but after reading the Maker description, I think it changed accurately + correspondingly based on my transition in roles from copyediting to project managing. 

~ Maker types develop the systems, structures, tools + innovations that we all rely on + are almost always busy solving problems, making headway on personally meaningful goals + completing projects. They’re driven by tangible results, know how to deliver + know how to play the long game, unafraid of the unglamorous legwork that goes into building something of value over time. ~