Half Marathon

me tryna figure out how tf i’m gonna be able to run 13.1 miles 

my own personal/unique training plan:


where to start… i’ve been running since middle school (more on that later), but have definitely increased my love for + practice of it the past 3 years. in 2019, i was averaging ~40 miles/month – avg. distance: 3 miles + avg. pace: 9’10” – since then i’ve been increasing both how often i run + distance, which was bound to lower the pace, but speed has never been a priority for me since most of my life running has just been something i do for myself + to feel good, not professionally + not usually in competitions.

now, i hate to be that #privileged guy… but… running did become a lot easier to fit into my daily life when Covid-19 hit, (+ my company transitioned to working remotely full-time) which has increased my quality of life greatly + allowed me to reach the major goal this entire post is about.

so0000 – for over a year now, I’ve been tracking every single run I go on, researching all the new shoe technology extensively, annoying tf out of my snapchat friends w/ my stories almost exclusively containing Nike Run Club screenshots + even watching the Olympic track competitions on tv a few months ago. anyone who’s talked to me during this time can attest, i’ve been straight up OBSESSED. 😳

Month:Year:# Miles:

…so much so that i’ve been lacking pretty heavily in one very important department: rest + recovery. this is most likely why i hit such a massive wall trying to push further than a 6-mile distance most of the past year.

in 2018, i ran the Chicago 10 Mile along the lakefront. before the day of the event, the longest run i had ever completed was 7 miles. i was able to keep a steady pace + not stop at all. afterwards, i went to work that weekend w/ no issue (8-9 hrs on my feet both Sat. + Sun.)

don’t think that’s going to be quite the case this time. i’m not much better prepared. well, guess it depends how you look at it. i had only run that 7-mile distance once before the 10 and my regular distance was probably only 3-4, running ~2x a week. now, i regularly run 4-5x per week @ 6 miles each. within the past month, i’ve cut back to 3-4 runs per week but increased distance to 7-8 miles each time. + then last Saturday i ran 10 miles – just that once. so i’d say i’m semi-similarly prepared, (since this race is 13.1 miles) however, my regular cadence is much higher this time. on the other hand though, i haven’t included as much rest + recovery time – and i do have a few minor irritations (not quite injury, but a slight discomfort/nagging annoyance) that could majorly affect my performance.

this is one of the main reasons (along w/ some other life stuff) that i figured now is the time to do the race.

i am planning to take a week or so off as a legitimate rest period afterwards (one more time for ppl in the back!! I”M TAKING A MF BREAK FINALLY OKAY?! 😩 😂) – for my muscles to finally be able to heal fully. i also plan on seeing a sports dr./specialist to make sure these aforementioned ‘irritations’ stay minor/aren’t already a larger issue than i’m aware of. plus, i have been extra anxious about covid-19 due to worry of it putting me out of commission running-wise + fear of losing all my physical progress, so once this goal is complete, hoping to see a few more friends safely. & finally, i just want to get back to running solely for fun + what i feel like is an enjoyable distance for me often depends on the day/work schedule/stress level/the weather/etc., but most often i find i feel good after 6 and it’ll be nice to get back to just running until i don’t feel like it anymore + stopping, rather than pushing myself to the point of exhaustion or honestly to the point of making it feel like work.🥴

mentally, preparing for this race has taken a toll as well. it’s extremely challenging to work full-time + also find time to fit in training/recovery/race prep/etc. + just requires you to consider an enormous amount of factors all at once + constantly. here are just a FEW of the big ones: (trust me, you don’t even wanna know how many more there are. you have to just trust me bc i refuse to type them all. i’ve overanalyzed every little detail upon detail etc. etc. etc)

hydration – have always used Nuun tablets for electrolytes in the past so planning on drinking before/after the race + now due to increasing the distance + the hot/humid summer training weather, have started incorporating some of the low sugar Gatorade on a few longer days.(want some* sugar bc you want carbs to restore glycogen levels – this is what once lost greatly reduces endurance ability )

form – something i’ve been focusing on a lot more now during training than i did in the past. previously, i sort of assumed my natural running form must be fine because i never got hurt or really had any aches or pains, but now that i’ve increased my weekly cadence, PLUS my distances, i’ve needed to focus a lot more on my form to make sure i’m not allowing fatigue to set in + unconsciously adjust the way my body is moving. –– when you start to feel tired on a run, your body tends to want to lean forward + take longer strides (b/c it uses less energy), but this increases risk of injury b/c it raises the intensity of impact on your joints (knees especially).

shoes – i have found through much trial + error that i’m a runner who thrives w/ stability shoes. i know my lower left leg specifically has some type of misalignment, where if i wear a different type of shoe, my ankle, calf + knee all seem to move independently + i end up w/ more pain than if i had worn a shoe to help w/ that – like a Brooks shoe featuring their GuideRails technology. #sponsored #ad (JK, i wish) i really like the Bedlam 2 + 3 shoes best. these also feature their DNA amp technology, which provides a springy feel + nice energy return.

surfaces – this race specifically is a little tricky due to it being a trail course. ngl….i was pretty amped to wear my Nike Vaporfly 2 racing shoes, but they’re strictly for track/road racing + do not provide the necessary traction for a gravel course. fortunately, i have a pair of Nike Trail shoes that i like + wore frequently in the past, as well as a few times recently. again – many pros + cons to this.


  • trail shoes are well broken in – should not surprise me in any way performance-wise + should not rub uncomfortably/cause any pain to the feet.
  • trails provide softer impact on joints.


  • 98% of training has been on pavement/road surfaces only
  • trail shoes are not comparable to brand-new, springy racing shoes in performance (although they’re in great shape, Zoom technology still intact + springy + haven’t lost any noticeable traction – and proven to be extremely durable in wet conditions)

rest/recovery – have read a lot of elite runners like to take an epsom salt bath the evening before race day. may or may not happen on my end. otherwise, have been very focused the past fews weeks or so especially on RICE (rest, ice, compress, elevate), foam rolling + trying to do a mini taper w/ only 2 short runs this week)


  • spent an obscene amount of time creating + organizing my race day playlist – shoutout young thug, tame impala, 21, doja, cardi.
  • started supplementing magnesium to reduce muscle tension
  • been working on adjusting my sleep schedule gradually (i am NOT a morning person + never will be!!!) + managed to complete my 10-mile run in the a.m. as extra ‘practice’
  • planned out everything i will be consuming the day before both as far as food/water goes as well as media/content (good vibes/inspirational sh*t only)
  • drove to the actual course location a day before to scope it out + tried on a few different pairs of shoes to compare feel/traction.
  • researched race day tips like crazy online + read 4 Runner’s World books (will post photo later – they had great info)

one last thing i wanted to stress/reiterate (in case anyone hasn’t died of boredom already 2+ paragraphs ago is still reading👀) –– this was years in the making. it might not take everyone years. but it did for me + this is such a BIG MF MOMENT. this is the. hardest. thing. i’ve ever done.

this was months + months + weeks + minutes + seconds of WORK. i may call myself a runner now + everyone who’s met me in the past 3 years or so might know that about me, but that was 100% not always the case. in school, i hated running the mile just as much as everyone else – maybe more than most people tbh. i was chubby + always one of the very last to finish. i’d be upset about having to stop + walk. disgusted by the taste of blood in my mouth. wanting to be good at something.

in middle school, i joined the cross-country team, solely due to peer pressure at first – literally a “mommmmm, all my friends are doing itttt” type of thing. and i was still absolutely awful. i just totally sucked. every meet i attended as part of this team, i was one of the slowest runners + one of the very last to finish. BUT i was never actually last. + i realized maybe the most important thing i’ve ever realized about myself. (also something i’m still continuing to learn about myself over + over + over again in different ways even to this day) –– that there is something in me, this drive, that is just so unbelievably strong, that when my mind gets set on something, i can + will do that thing. i don’t even know how to describe it. i think some of it stems from a bit of competitiveness, a bit of wanting to prove myself, plus a bit of ambition, and a bit of rage + some pain + most of all just this pure. f*cking. grit. when i’d see the finish line in those meets + knew i’m almost done, i’ve almost made it + this last burst of energy would spark + i’d sprint past all the other girls + over the finish line. every. single. time. i may not beat everyone, (i most definitely won’t😂), but i will never be last. and i will NEVER quit. that’s how i know without even the slightest shadow of a gd doubt that i will finish this race on broken mf legs if that’s what it comes to, i will finish even if i have to CRAWL over that mf finish line.

life has taught me that all i have is me + running has taught me that i will always have me. i have a much better relationship w/ myself now having established the strongest trust i’ve ever experienced in this life. i trust me to keep going mile after mile even in 90-degree heat w/ sweat in my eyes blurring my vision. i trust me to not give up even in 20-degree cold when i can’t feel my fingers or toes. i trust me to literally pick myself up out of the dirt + try again + again + again –– i trust me to figure out whatever life throws my way. i trust me to man it tf up + handle that sh*t. handle my sh*t.

running’s taught me to move beyond fear, stare failure in the face + say F*CK YOU. you might win today, you might even win tomorrow if you’re lucky, but you will NOT win everyday. it’s taught me to manage emotions + deal w/ stress + resolve problems in a healthy + peaceful way. it’s taught me to both put my body through pain + also to love it + care for it more than i ever have + to treat it w/ respect even when i might be disappointed or frustrated w/ it’s abilities at that moment. it’s taught me patience + gratitude + balance.

it’s made no longer drinking alcohol (a concept that even a few years ago i would’ve thought unfathomable) something easy.

it’s made me laugh (on several occasions, tripping over my own feet)

it’s made me cry (when i can’t. helped to process difficult emotions)

it’s made me freakin’ PISSED! (tbh frequently frustrated as all hell that i can’t just force progress to happen faster – re: taught patience)

but most of all it’s made me feel happy – removes all the little worries/stress so that what’s left is just the important things + leaves me feeling like the best version of myself that i can possibly be.

+ that’s really what it’s all about –– being better today than you were yesterday.

i’ve learned how determined i can be (even to my own detriment at times😬). how consistent i can be. how passionate i am. how focused. but most of all i found a/my core truth – which is that in life, when it really comes down to it (whatever “it” may be), i can do whatever it takes to get it done. i can dedicate my time + energy + commit to pushing myself hard AF every single day if i need to. i’ll study, rest + try again + again + again + again + i will do whatever it takes to get it mf done. I CAN DO HARD THINGS.

tyvm for reading – if you did/for those of you that did. ily. this is the happiest/1 of the happiest days of my life. 100% the proudest day.

**update**–– i was able to run the full 13.1 without stopping/walking + held a steady pace throughout. i also finished a FULL 10 minutes faster than my dream goal time 🌹⚡️😍🤸🏼‍♀️✨

now…. time to celebrate! 🍾🎉


Summer 2021 – Health & Fitness

haven’t posted an update in awhile soooo here it is!

  • i’m currently participating in the American Cancer Society’s August 50-Mile Run fundraiser – donate here! (21 down, 29 to go)
  • been busy watching some of the olympics – very inspired by a lot of these amazing, strong female runners. especially enjoyed a tiktok video comparing the finishes of the men’s and women’s triathlons side-by-side (the top male finishers were all collapsing on the ground, while the female winners had some energy reserves left) + was shocked to see that other people are just as obsessive as i am + actually tallied up the brands/types of shoes the athletes were wearing! i was so excited i could stop trying to zoom in now! 👀🤓
  • increased milage – i have finally managed to push past the concrete wall i was running into for almost an entire year every time i hit 6 miles. i finally made it to 7 a few times and 8 miles, twice now! it’s very exciting for me + a great feeling to finally be improving again at what i love to do most ! next goal: half marathon 😬
  • & not only was i inspired/finally able to push myself further distance-wise… i also ordered 2 new pairs of running shoes…. yes, i have a problem. no, i am not working on it. i think there are many, many, many worse things to spend $ on ! these newest pairs include Hoka One One Mach 4 + Saucony Endrophin Speed 2, the latter which inspired me to do some speed work for the first time in IDK…ages – b/c i always run for distance only. (see Nike Run Club splits screenshot)
  • July 2021 – i was invited by a friend to do a 30-day yoga challenge w/ her + initially wasn’t sure i’d be able to fit it into my schedule w/ running + working full-time, etc., but decided to jump in + #justdoit™️ (sponsored by Nike)(jk…a girl can dream) – we did the MOVE series by Yoga w/ Adrienne on YouTube + i noticed the benefits pretty early on + was so glad i said yes! i used to do yoga 2-3/week for over a year but admittedly stopped when Covid hit. yoga has always been a low-motivation activity for me to do on my own, so going to hot yoga classes at my favorite studio was previously the only way i’d commit. however, now having been at home/wfh for over a year, my routine has become pretty consistent so i felt confident i could add this in + stick w/ it. now i plan to retain this as a permanent part of my daily routine – although recently i’ve been doing the Yoga For Busy People series, which are still all different flows but only ~10-20 mins. long. very noticeable effects include: increased flexibility + posture, improved circulation, stronger runner – less injury prone/better recovery & improved focus + mental health. 🤸🏼‍♀️
  • in 2019, i was using 8 lb. weights for strength training. in 2020, i moved up to 10 lbs. now, i’m using 12 lb. weights! noticeably increased muscle tone.
  • the one other 🔑 health/fitness item i’ve been focusing on = hydration. i used to be so good about it at the office + figured running more (especially in hot weather) + being at home would naturally increase the water i’m consuming, but i found myself frequently feeling v dehydrated, so i purchased a 32 oz. Nalgene water bottle w/ measurement markings on the side so i would pay more attention to my hydration level. this has honestly helped so much, i feel like i have to empty the bottle at least 1x per day or it would be a failure on my part… so i never let that happen. idgaf. every mf day – minimum 32 oz., then afterwards i can have la croix or whatever tf else i want to drink (*still 100% dry/no alcohol), but good ol’ H2O must come first (!)
––Adam Peaty

Running Shoes

Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit 3
Brooks – Adrenaline GTS 21

I liked these the first few runs, but then felt that there was a bit of extra space causing my feet to move around too much, so I exchanged for a 1/2 size smaller + then was still having that same issue. I’m now thinking it might’ve been the laces or something about the way they lace up, but I did love the comfort the cushion provided on these.
Brooks – Ghost 13

I was excited to try these after hearing + reading a lot of hype about them esp. for distance runs. But…these didn’t stay on my feet. I felt like my ankle was slipping out the back + the ankle was too free to move around in general + the laces would not hold the shoe together tightly enough.
Brooks – Bedlam 2

These are one of my favorites b/c the GuideRails technology was such a game-changer for me. This was my first stability shoe + I love how my foot, ankle, calf + knee all stay aligned/any extra motion is cut out. I also love the DNA Amp technology which produces a high energy return. The only con I’d say for these is that they’re more heavy than others. I’ve run the most miles in these recently + would say they’re the most reliable so far + durable.
Nike – Free RN Flyknit

Big fan of Nike Free RNs – been running in these since at least 2017, if not even earlier. Only reason I’m experimenting now is due to the lack of cushion + support esp. now that my distance has increased. (Although I did run my 10-mile race in 2018 in these + had no issues!) These are a newer version of the 2018 flyknit – the lightest weight shoe I’ve ever had. (p.s. these collect lots of rocks in the cracks in the bottom – will need to clean out)

Nike – Air Zoom Pegasus 36

These really give you wings! 💸 To be continued…
Nike – Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT%

I wanted to try these b/c of the Zoom technology + a lot of the positive reviews on these made me think they’d be more supportive than other Nikes. My issue w/ Nike is not enough structure/stability + a huge part of that is the laces not staying tied tightly (even when knotted). These are sock-style shoes, so it’s nice to not have to worry about the tongue moving around (find that issue in a lot of other shoes) + I loved the super bouncy cushioning – however, I still had the same repeated issue w/ the laces + the back area of the shoe curves inward so much that the pressure alone caused a bad Achilles injury to my left ankle after only one run.
New Balance – Fresh Foam 860 v 11

These were recommended to me by a running friend + they are my absolute favorite pair right now! These are truly all-in-one shoes – stability, comfort, cushion, support + fairly lightweight. I didn’t have to adjust a single thing my entire run w/ these! The laces stayed tied + tight + so did the tongue. The cushioning feels great esp. on a day like today on my 5th run in a row. The only negative I can think of is that they’re pretty warm, esp. on an 80-degree day like today, but I’ll take that over structural or support issues any day. Highly recommend!
Nike – Infinity Run Flyknit

Shocked that these are branded as an injury prevention shoe… had the v same issues as listed above w/ Nikes in general – pretty much constantly slipping out of the shoe, tongue is too free, lightweight was nice, but the laces were strange… would feel too loose or too tight, never just right – annoying AF! (*tried this one first, but forgot to add at the beginning)
Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit 3

#overrated(or maybe rather #overhyped) strangely narrow right in front of the very middle point of the shoe – v odd fit, unlike any others i’ve tried. bouncy + a really cool, stylish look, but thought the cushioning would be better for $200 😬
🥇Brooks Bedlam 3

lighter than Bedlam 2, more cushion, feels a little more narrow but could just be me idk – not as tight of a fit – heel pushes forward/inward somewhat like Nikes do + irritates back of ankle, will see if improves w/ more wear

🥇Hoka One Ora Recovery Slides –

not a running shoe obviously, but related! 😅 + my absolute FAV things to wear otherwise. they are so light, breathable + curved perfectly to match the natural arch of your foot. they’re really comfy + loose/wide-fitting enough to be accommodating to post-summer-run swollen, sweaty feet, but still easy to walk around in + recover from your run in style.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36
New Balance Fresh Foam 860 v 11

Running – 2021

best feeling 🙂
  • 🚨 Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 = my new favorite running shoes (i know… i can’t believe it’s not Nike!) 👀 i always wrote off “stability shoes” as something for people w/ motor/balance issues, but i’ve now realized the area they target is exactly the problem i’ve been facing the past year. stability shoes reduce excess movement (especially side-to-side), to ensure your knee, calf + ankle stay aligned. Brooks has their own unique technology to address this called GuideRails, which “allow your hips, knees, and joints to move within their unique motion path while you run – all without traditional posts. This innovative new form of stability doesn’t ‘correct’ your stride. Instead, it assists your body in finding its natural path, or Stride Signature.”
Nike Zoned Support Calf Sleeves feature a sweat-wicking, compressive design for dry comfort + optimal support.
  • Compression calf sleeves are something else I have also found to be very useful for me – they boost circulation, which helps deliver more red blood cells to muscles, allowing for faster recovery! European Journal of Applied Physiology conducted a recent study + found that athletes who wore calf sleeves during their workout needed less downtime between sessions than those who didn’t.
  • Cold weather gear: Gymshark leggings, buff, gloves, nike long-sleeve half-zip top, nike trail shoes for traction in snow/slush/ice.
  • Half marathon – was going to do this in 2020, then didn’t want to have to do it virtually, but now it’s looking like it’ll just need to be that way b/c i will not wait another year! 13.1. goin’ down in 2021. Will definitely post more training updates along the way! ✨
Brooks Ghost 13s just arrived – will be testing tmrw!
Another new pair – Brooks Bedlam 2! (yes, i have a problem… 😂)

2021 Update

just wanted to post a lil’ update since i currently have a ton of projects in the works + have not been the best at reaching out/catching up w/ anyone lately ✨

in addition to working as a full-time Creative PM (+ currently navigating some team restructuring), i’ve been running a DePop shop + sales have picked up a good amount throughout quarantine. i also have an Etsy store, which i recently am trying to give a new look + feel and fresh product designs. 💻📈

+ been working on rebranding my fitness/wellness instagram account + posting updates more regularly (@courtneynicole_fit) 👁

i also run 4-6 miles – 5-6x/wk + 6-7x/wk am also completing 100 pushups/day, 200 crunches/day + some weight-lifting/strength-training 🤸🏼‍♀️

trying to eat healthy, recently cooked more dishes (insert images here) although admittedly i am currently super obsessed w/ hawaiian bagels.😍🥯

keeping up w/ reading – might hit 100 books/year mark for the 3rd time 🤓 📚🤞🏻

plus, replying to text messages every so often, manifesting my goals, etc. –– also reconnected w/ an old friend, which was a little spontaneous (or possibly divine timing?? 🔮), unexpected + absolutely a complete and total blessing. 🤍✨

🧿 wishing everyone lots of love, success + fulfillment! 🧿


Running – 2020

new personal record for # of miles/month 🙂

breakfast – cup of coffee, oatmeal + vitamins (multi, probiotic)

pre-workout – Celcius energy drink (~1/2 can)

always stretch (hamstrings, calf muscles, ankles, hips), jog slowly at the start to warm up + sometimes foam rolling before (if needed)

lace-up – current shoes are Nike Free Rn 5s (longtime Free Rns fan)


music/motivation – Apple AirPods + Apple Music playlists

tracking – Nike Run Club App (distance > duration), Apple Watch Series 5

tips – if something doesn’t feel good, stop + stretch a little more. if out of breath, take a quick pause to catch it – don’t force anything! i also find i do some of my best thinking out on my runs, so i’m often writing things down on my phone in the Notes app.


muscle recovery – stretching immediately, ice specific muscles (if needed)

hydration – water, BCAA drink mix + protein shake upon return from run, later on will have water, coconut water or sugar-free Gatorade or Nuun drink tablets (electrolytes)

hygiene – try to always shower asap, but if i need to finish up the strength training portion of workout first, i make sure to still wash my face immediately to prevent pores from becoming clogged (+acne forming)


Running = A Lifestyle Part I

I first started running the way most of us probably did – being forced to run the mile in elementary school gym class. I was always out of breath and one of the last to finish besides the walkers, but I always tried my best. From this early on there was something about running that really made me want to be good at it.

I never pushed much further than a mile until I joined cross-country in middle school. I began to realize running farther than a mile really felt GOOD.

I’ve never stopped running since. However, I didn’t go from the ~2 mile middle school races to 10 miles easily or quickly. I began just running on my own all throughout high school and ran my first 5k when I was a sophomore in college. I did another 5k as a junior, but I never really thought of running as a serious thing I do – I just felt like it was something I could do for charity/as a way to bond with people around me. (I did one of these 5ks with my boss at the time, who has completed an Iron Man race!!! I did not keep pace with him whatsoever but it was a cool bonding experience).

Over the next few years (end of college + post-grad), it became therapeutic for me, but still casual. It was just something I did that I never really thought about. I gradually began to run longer distances (4-5 miles).

In 2017, when I moved to Thailand, it became essential for my mental well being – it was my way of dealing with the stresses of being in a foreign country, the everyday communication misunderstandings + exhaustion, the worry about being far from home, etc. It became a lot harder for me due to the heat and humidity, so I went back to 2-3 mile runs. (I did have a gym at my apartment building but it didn’t have AC, so I’d usually just run on a path near a river since it was a nicer view.) It also became harder to fit running into my schedule since I was working full-time for the first time.

In 2018, running became something much more to me. It became proof of what I can do – what I can set my mind to. It became a love and a passion. I began running 5-7 mile each time. I experimented a lot more by starting to take different paths or running in the early morning instead of the afternoon + in different weather conditions.

I ran an 8k in March (Shamrock Shuffle), a 10k in July (Chicago 10k) + just completed a 10 mile race (Chicago 10 mile) in September (2018). I hope to complete a half marathon next!

When I run a race now, it’s a completely personal experience – I observe what thoughts cross my mind in a meditative manner and I feel myself working things out and processing emotions I didn’t even realize were there much more efficiently + methodically. At the same time, it’s a completely collective experience, as I’m passing others and as others pass me, there’s this sense that we all know running is freaking hard and therefore we’re all cheering for each other. We’re proud of each other for putting our bodies through this, for being so brave to challenge ourselves to our very core + we all want every single person there to win, to cross that line, to share that adrenaline rush of emotion when you’ve completed a goal that at one time seemed impossible.

In honor of completing my 10-mile race last weekend, I wanted to document the way I got there. When I first set out to write this, I planned to list physical steps I took (see below) but then I started + everything above just flowed b/c running is so many things to me now: it’s individual, it’s collective, it’s mental + physical, it’s pain + pleasure. If this article helps motivate even one person in the world, I will feel that I’ve accomplished something b/c running can truly change your perspective about the world, about what you’re capable of + changing a simple way you think can change your life + so much more.

Here’s what I do:

I run every other day because that’s what I found works best for me personally. I do a hard run + then take one recovery day. I might work on my upper body or core the next day because balance is important but I give my legs at least one day’s rest.

Pay attention your pace & keep checking in to make sure you haven’t strayed

I think this is the biggest problem most people run into because people will start out too fast at the beginning and wear themselves out before they get very far or speed up when the adrenaline/pre-workout is really kicking in and use up those energy reserves too early on. This is especially easy to do during races because people either get competitive and want to pass others so they pick up the pace or if you find yourself running next to someone else you might just naturally adjust to their pace without thinking about it. So my biggest tip is to try to constantly stay conscious of your pace throughout. (If you listen to music, you can try to pick songs with a tempo that matches your personal pace to make it a little easier on yourself).

I use the Nike Plus app to keep track of my runs, distances, pace, etc. I really like the badges feature so there are always new goals to complete. It also lets you know every time you’ve broken your own record times/distances.


I maintain a pretty healthy diet the majority of the time. That could be another whole post in itself so I’ll just say what I do before/after a run. Before a run I try to stick with veggies/carbs because they digest much faster than protein. Protein is definitely needed after a run though so your muscles can repair. I also like a natural version of Gatorade to hydrate and make sure you’re getting your electrolytes back (listed below). Finally, running is so good for you but causes a lot of inflammation in the body so I take turmeric tablets to try to counteract some of that. (There’s a ton of good recipes for adding turmeric powder to food/smoothies too if you don’t like tablets).


(Everyone who knows me knows I’m really into NATURAL health supplements and prefer vegan when possible- so here’s what I use.)

(VEGAN, GF) My personal favorite energizing pre-run supplement:

(VEGAN, GF) Post- run electrolytes (tropical fruit is the best flavor):

(VEGAN, GF) Post-run Vega protein:

(GF) Turmeric tablets: