Andrea Cohen Part I

Andrea Cohen has a deep interest in the materials she uses for her art. In her newest exhibit at the Walter Maciel Gallery, she uses materials most would consider trash to create interesting and thought-provoking sculptures. One of these includes a tree made of hydrocal plaster, which is made to look like a tree from… Continue reading Andrea Cohen Part I

The Uncertainty of Signs- Diana Guerrero-Maciá

Threewalls gallery is showing Diana Guerrero-Maciá’s exhibition, “The Uncertainty of Signs” from November 2- December 15, 2012. Maciá’s work consists of five large-scale collages, twenty-six smaller works, and a furniture piece. Although Maciá uses many different materials, she used mostly felt in this collection of works. In the piece titled “Nomadic Future” (Figure 1), Maciá… Continue reading The Uncertainty of Signs- Diana Guerrero-Maciá

Frances Magnani: A Memory Artist

Franco Magnani is a memory artist. He paints intricate canvases of his hometown. His paintings document his memories of his childhood and growing up in Tuscany. Bob Miller had seen Magnani’s work and “suggested that the paintings, coupled with photos of the same views, might reveal something about the accuracies, distortions, and inventions of the… Continue reading Frances Magnani: A Memory Artist

Donald Judd

Minimal in Vision, Complex in Meaning Donald Judd had a very different perspective of art than other artists of his time. He envisioned art as something both aesthetic and historical and thought these two classifications didn’t necessarily have to be separated. He believed in looking at work as a whole. Judd once said, “Things that… Continue reading Donald Judd