Songkran 2017

I arrived in Thailand on April 11 and spent the day picking an apartment and shopping for some supplies that weren't possible to pack such as laundry detergent, pillows, clothes hangers, etc. The next day I flew out to Phuket and then took a cab down to Khao Lak to meet up with some of … Continue reading Songkran 2017

packing for 6 months in thailand

Step 1: Mix up a Natural Vitality Natural Calm Magnesium drink and dig out your suitcases. I decided to try to go with one 13" by 20" suitcase and one 17" by 24" as well as a carry-on backpack. I toured Europe for 35 days with just my small (13x20) suitcase in May 2016 so once again I'm … Continue reading packing for 6 months in thailand