‘Her’ explores technology-obsessed future through heartfelt romance

Imagine a world where society is so infatuated with advanced technology that computers begin to take on human traits. Such is the backdrop for Spike Jonze’s new film “Her.” Set in future Los Angeles, “Her” is a sci-fi romantic comedy with an original idea and unique vision. Joaquin Phoenix stars as Theodore Twombley, a man… Continue reading ‘Her’ explores technology-obsessed future through heartfelt romance

Katy Perry: ‘PRISM’ Album Review

“PRISM” is Katy Perry’s fourth album, featuring her already popular singles “Roar” and “Dark Horse.” The album begins with “Roar,” a poppy and catchy song that reminds listeners of several others of Perry’s past songs. The lyrics represent yet another tale of breaking free and letting her voice be heard, a theme that is very… Continue reading Katy Perry: ‘PRISM’ Album Review

Danny Brown Gets Personal on New Album

There aren’t many rappers whose favorite band is Arcade Fire, who record songs with Insane Clown Posse, or who flirt incessantly with Kathy Griffin, but Danny Brown is that rapper. As a 32-year-old rapper Brown told The Guardian, the title Old is not referring to his age but actually to the fact that he’s been… Continue reading Danny Brown Gets Personal on New Album

Sleigh Bells ‘Bitter Rivals’ Disappoints

Sleigh Bells consists of Alexis Krauss (vocalist) and Derek Miller (guitarist/producer) who formed in New York. The band combines pop and loud, grungy guitar rhythms. Today marks the release of their third album, “Bitter Rivals.” “Bitter Rivals” begins with the single also titled “Bitter Rivals” and it begins slow with snapping fingers in the background… Continue reading Sleigh Bells ‘Bitter Rivals’ Disappoints

Rock The Bells Rap Music Festival Rocks The San Manuel Amphitheater

Rock the Bells is a 2-day annual rap music festival that was held in San Bernardino at the San Manuel Amphitheater this year September 7& 8 and featured over 50 performers. The first day I arrived somewhat late but managed to catch Chief Keef’s performance when he began his set at least 20 minutes later… Continue reading Rock The Bells Rap Music Festival Rocks The San Manuel Amphitheater

American Milkshake Indie Film Review

Life is defined by the events and obstacles human beings face. How people approach these experiences depends on their maturity and will lead them down a path to either their dreams or their demise. American Milkshake explores these themes as it follows the story of Jolie Jolson (Tyler Ross), a teenager in 1990’s DC with… Continue reading American Milkshake Indie Film Review

Buffalo Theatre’s ‘Underpants’ brings humor

  The Underpants is a comedic story written by Carl Sternheim and adapted by the actor and comedian, Steve Martin. It is about a young woman, Louise, her husband, Theo, and the consequences of a major embarrassing moment at a public event. This causes Louise to become the talk of the town and soon strange… Continue reading Buffalo Theatre’s ‘Underpants’ brings humor

COD alumna showcases art exhibit at Wings Gallery

The Wings Gallery is featuring Ashly Metcalf’s exhibit through December 13. Metcalf mainly uses yarn to create sculptures. She utilizes linear lines and space to form patterns and webs. She also owned a store before it burned down. This prompted her to move her business online and she now runs a website and a store… Continue reading COD alumna showcases art exhibit at Wings Gallery

Starving Artist Joel Janchenko

Joel Janchenko Major: Associates of Fine Art Age: 20 City: Indian Head Park   How would you describe your art? Art and music are a culmination of creativity and I search for the exploration of sound to see what boundaries have been crossed, what history has been written and what hasn’t been developed yet. It’s… Continue reading Starving Artist Joel Janchenko