Ko Phangan


The second place I visited on this trip was the island of Ko Phangan. I flew from up North in Chiang Mai to the South of Thailand. It is located next to the popular island Ko Samui. I had to fly into Surat Thani airport and then take a combination of a bus and a ferry ride to get to the island. Once there it was really easy to get around since it is a somewhat small island.

I stayed at Sea Love Bungalows which are cute little bungalows located directly on a beach. They had a restaurant and bar located right in the center of all the bungalows in addition to a beach volleyball/badminton net and games plus free rafts and paddle boarding, and beach umbrellas and cushions. It was the perfect carefree atmosphere I was hoping for on this getaway.


There were a lot of cheap food places within walking distance. One place I went for breakfast interestingly added French fries to their dish labeled “American breakfast.” Here are a few photos of some other dishes I tried.

The best part of the stay here was a trip to a different beach on the North side of the island. I took a taxi and then a taxi boat to get there since it is only accessible by water. Consequently, it was much more secluded than many of the other beaches on the island, bearing only one small bungalow resort. It was quiet, relaxing and extremely beautiful.


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