Fun in Bangkok

The trip to Bangkok initially was planned to get some paperwork completed. I will cover that in another (less fun) post. Since it’s about an hour and a half drive from where we are living, a coworker and I decided we would leave Sunday morning and stay overnight in Bangkok on Sunday to have some fun first and then get our paperwork done on Monday.


We stayed at Luxx XL Hotel which was very nice especially for the low price and was just a sort cab ride away from some of the places we wanted to explore. It also happened to be a few blocks away from the U.S. Embassy which is where we needed to go for our paperwork. I would definitely stay here again. It was very clean, spacious and included wifi and bottled water. The staff was very friendly and also spoke very good English.

The first thing both of us wanted to do was visit a cat cafe. We chose Caturday Cat Cafe in Bangkok and were pleased to find out there was no cover charge or line to wait in. The food and beverages were normal Bangkok prices and not overpriced for the experience. It was well worth the visit. There were many different types of cats, lots of toys to play with and extremely friendly employees.

Next, we decided to go to Octave Rooftop Bar which is on top of a Marriott Hotel in Bangkok. It offered a 360 degree view of the city, a DJ and fancy cocktails. As with any rooftop bar in an upscale part of the city, the drinks were very expensive but it was worth the price of one drink (around $10) for the view and ambiance.


I really enjoyed the trip to Bangkok because I like big cities and it was interesting to compare to smaller towns in Thailand since it offers a completely different experience. It is much easier for foreigners to navigate since a lot of the signs are in both Thai and English and many people there speak at least some English. It also has the BTS train system as well as sidewalks and a lot of taxis whereas a smaller town isn’t always walkable (no sidewalks and farther distances in between buildings), tuk tuk’s instead of taxis and you pretty much need a motorbike to get around. I hope to travel to Bangkok again soon since there is a ton of interesting spots to explore!

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