getting ready for thailand

So Step #1 in preparing to teach English abroad I actually completed a year ahead of time. That was taking a course to earn my TEFL certification. This was a one month full time course I enrolled in immediately after graduating college. My time at International TEFL Academy of Chicago was extremely challenging but also extremely rewarding. I was thrown out of my comfort zone completely during that month acquiring and practicing a completely new set of skills. I also made some super supportive and inspiring friends I keep in touch with! My Facebook memories just recently reminded me how inspired I felt after teaching my first TEFL class and I’m very excited to have just accepted my first teaching position at a school in Thailand. The shoutout below to Maria is especially relevant since I met her as an exchange student at my high school. She is from Poland and speaks very fluent English but every once in awhile she would ask me questions about particular words or phrases and that’s what helped me to become aware of this passion I have for teaching English.IMG_5468Upon accepting the position and *hoping* I’ve saved enough money, I gave my 2 weeks notice at my part time job here and my plans started to feel much more real and imminent. So far there haven’t been too many scary realizations when it comes to preparing for my move but one of them was realizing how many shots I needed! I was actually due for my tetanus and then needed 3 others for the trip. One of them is two doses you need to receive a month apart so luckily I began this process with enough time in advance. (Note: I needed this many for staying an extended amount of time- I assume you wouldn’t need all these if you were just going to visit Thailand for a vacation). Anyway, here I am being a big baby. IMG_5876And……here I am after the doctor said she was proud of me and before my bruises from the shots formed. 3 down, 2 to go in a month.IMG_5899The most difficult part of my preparation so far has been applying for my work visa. Long story short a lot of things went wrong on my trip to the Consulate but thankfully I had my very sweet and helpful best friend with me to assist with logistics and problem solve while making it a surprisingly fun trip to the city! IMG_5928I have one more visit here to pick up my passport and other materials next week when hopefully my visa is approved. IMG_5929Oh yeah…the only other thing left to do now is……..packing. (which will entail a whole post to itself, coming soon).



My work visa has been approved!!! Now I just have to fit 6 months worth of stuff into a backpack and 2 suitcases (one small and one large). To be continued…