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Buffalo Theatre’s ‘Underpants’ brings humor


The Underpants is a comedic story written by Carl Sternheim and adapted by the actor and comedian, Steve Martin. It is about a young woman, Louise, her husband, Theo, and the consequences of a major embarrassing moment at a public event.

This causes Louise to become the talk of the town and soon strange characters begin showing up to rent their spare room.

Amelia Barrett, director, says “it is very much Steve Martin humor” and includes a range of different genres.

She describes it as having both “bawdy and philosophical” qualities.

The female lead part will be played by a former student, Lynda Wellhausen while the male lead will be played by an ensemble member from the Buffalo Theater Exchange.

Barrett explains the play “deals with notoriety, momentary fame, and what happens when you lose it.”

The cast began rehearsal right after finals ended and rehearsed all over the holidays.

Since the college was closed, they were able to rehearse in their usual space in the K Building.

“We all laugh because it’s so silly,” said Barrett. “The people in the show are really funny and fun people.”

The Underpants premieres on Thursday January 17, featuring a pre-show discussion in K 131 with the directors and designers and shows until Sunday, February 3.

Tickets: $25-33. For more information, call the MAC Ticket office at (630) 942-4000, or purchase tickets online.

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