college of dupage courier

Starving Artist – Joel Janchenko

Joel Janchenko

Major: Associates
of Fine Art

Age: 20

City: Indian Head Park

How would you describe
your art?

Art and music are a culmination of creativity and I search for the exploration of sound to see what boundaries have been crossed, what history has been written and what hasn’t been developed yet. It’s like a space age Goodwill store. My art consists of unique self-disciplined doodles. I’m the drummer in Wednesday small group jazz class and in a Wednesday community big band, which is a club here. I am also in another group which plays funk metal and it’s called $plor! It’s new and developing and it’s a fusion of genres. I am a jazz drummer who loves funk. Some of the other members like metal. We all like different things so it’s a potpourri of sound. I also play the kalimba and do solo projects.

Where do you find

Everywhere. Nature…the streets…I find inspiration in the fact that everyday is a new day and a day to keep pushing yourself and whether you stay with a concept for a week or keep changing it up, it’s about not falling behind and not looking at anyone else but focusing on what I do and how to get better at it. I also get inspiration from music and listening to everything.

What do you love
about your art?

I love that it allows me to express myself completely. No one is telling me what to do. It’s just me and my heart and sometimes my legs and my feet. I really also like that it allows your mind to stay active and it’s exploring what your body and mind can do.

What do you hate
about your art?

I hate when people tell you to do something a certain way and look past the beauty unfolding in front of them. I wish people would take things for what they are instead of saying “you could do this a different way.”

How did you get your start?

I’ve been drumming ever since I could walk. I’ve often thought I was born with drumsticks in my hands. I learned by carrying drumsticks everywhere. I didn’t even have drums because I lived in a townhouse. I carried them and drummed on garbage cans and figured out all these different sounds. I began with self-disciplined doodles that became something nice to look at. I kept drawing until I figured out my own style.

People you admire?

Benny Grab, Jojo Mayer, Adam Deitch, Keith Moon, Jimmy Cobb and Buddy Rich. They’re all influential drummers in their field. The first 3 are all current drummers rocking it day in and day out all around the world. They inspire me because I look at them and think, “they did it, I could do that too.” The last 3 are heroes of drumming; they’re the all-time greats. I love Keith Moon because he’s the reason I started drumming. His explosive style was the foundation of why I started playing.

Plans after COD?

I have a good GPA so I’m going to look at a music college. My aspirations are to go away to a music college and continue to play every single day. My passion will be my drive to get wherever I want to go. I want to go anywhere where I can just play 24/7.

What are some of your
other hobbies?

Drumming takes over my entire life but besides that I like kicking it with my jam buddies and working through rhythms. Just continuing to be courteous day in and day out because people are cool. Every single day I drum. When I go home today I’m going to practice for 4 hours and there’s nothing I’d rather do. Continuing to learn is a hobby. I watch dvds and read books about drumming and that takes a lot of time. I am always discovering who I am by playing the kalimba.

*Published in the College of DuPage Courier, 2012. 

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