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New art in stairwells, BIC stairwell art is rotated out, plenty more artwork in permanent collection storage

Out of storage, artwork from the college’s permanent collection, featuring works by professional Chicago-based artists, now graces stairwells in the BIC.

Although most of these artworks appear to be new, many of them are almost 30 years old and have been in storage at the college. These works are all part of the college’s permanent collection.

Barbara Wiesen, art gallery curator at the college, said “Because of renovations we’ve had no choice. We’ve had to store a lot of artwork but we are now trying to find places to put them up.”

Some of the faculty may have even seen some of the works before. Some of them were previously hung in the McAninch Arts Center lobby, the library, and other places around campus.

The current pieces will remain in the BIC stairwells for quite awhile. Wiesen said, “Ideally, the goal is to rotate [the artwork] every 3-5 years.”

The art was created by professional Chicago-based artists. The artists featured are Craig Anderson, Fred Bruney, Matthew Girson, Steven Hayman, Stacie Johnson, Paul Madalinski, Jacqueline Moses, and Robbin Murphy.

Some of the works were donated to the collection. “Retaining Wall” by Stacie Johnson, which is now up in BIC stairwell 5, was donated by Johnson to the college for “educational, aesthetic purposes” when she moved to New York. “Untitled (Scotoma) #6” by Matthew Girson, displayed in stairwell 2, was also a gift of the artist.

Wiesen said she is “anticipating new works being donated down the road” and “excited to see the campus as kind of a public museum.”

*Published in the College of DuPage Courier, 2012.

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