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Alumnus with talent, former student Vincent Glielmi displays photography exhibit in Wings Gallery

The Wings Gallery is now featuring photography by Vincent Glielmi, an alumnus of the college.

Glielmi received his Associate of Fine Arts degree at the college before moving on to the University of Illinois-Chicago to get his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography.

He has been taking photos for 5 years and is inspired by “traveling and music.”

Gliemi took “intro to photography and travel photography, but mostly drawing and painting classes” during his time here.

He took the photos on display “mostly in the South, most in Texas, some out west in California and New Mexico, and a few from Chicago.”

He said most of them were “trip-based, I go on the road with an idea in my head and I seek that out, that’s mostly how it’s been for a couple years.”

There are two portraits being displayed that he took at conventions.

He said he plans to keep going to the conventions and taking similar portraits because he eventually hopes to make a book.

He currently does a lot of wedding photography but he says he really loves “the documentary, journalistic style” the most.

His advice to aspiring photographers is to “be really persistent and edit. Keep your best work in the public eye and just keep going.”

For more information, you can view his work in the Wings Gallery from now until November 8 in SSC 2210 or go online to

*Published in the College of DuPage Courier, 2012.

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