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Students working hard to get ready for a week of performances of “The Nerd”

A new play is opening October 18  at the college in the K Building Theater. It is a farce called “The Nerd” which was written by playwright Larry Shue, from Glen Ellyn.            Connie Canaday Howard, the director, says the story is “basically about friendship” and the “lengths one will go to to help a friend.”

She also said, “An anonymous favor plays a big role in the show.” The story takes place in early November in Indiana, 1981. The main character, Willam, receives a call from a man named Rick and soon realizes it’s a man who saved his life in Vietnam and “the guy he always wanted to meet.”

Howard says Rick is “presumptuous and rude” with “silly, silly behavior.”

This play is categorized as a farce, which Howard says, means, “extreme comedy, it verges on slapstick.”

Chris Corrigan, a theater student, plays the character of Rick, whom he describes as “a simply awkward nerd, but he’s awesome.” He also said that “rehearsals are going really well and everyone is working really hard.”

Kara Barrios who plays the character of Tansy, said “Everyone should come see it because not only is it a great script, but it’s a whole bunch of fun, it’s awesome.”

The college performs a “wide range of shows” and has a group called the Theatre Seasons Committee that tries to pick shows from different genres. They do this so “actors have a variety of experiences throughout the year,” said Howard. The Nerd was chosen as the one farce to be performed this year and Howard said “Students on the committee were particularly excited for this one.”

The cast only began rehearsing on September 11, but they practice 20-25 hours a week. Howard says, “[It’s] hard work, but I think its very rewarding.”

The play will run from October 18 to October 28. For tickets, call the MAC Ticket office at (630) 942-4000, or purchase them online at the MAC website.

*Published in the College of DuPage Courier, 2012.

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