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More than 200 students performing in concert marks a start of season for music department

Don’t miss the Student Music Concert on Thursday, October 18 at 7:30pm in the Turner Conference Center in the SRC building. This show marks the start of the season of performances for the music department and also displays some of the college’s talented musicians.

Music Professor Lee Kesselman said, “Mid-semester is a great time to hear 5 of our terrific student music ensembles!  Over 200 student performers will participate on one stage in music ranging from percussion to jazz, from choral to orchestral. Many different musical styles will be represented.”

The concert will include the Percussion Ensemble, Small Group Jazz, Concert Choir, Chamber Orchestra and Chamber Singers. The chamber orchestra is “a traditional classical orchestra consisting of groups of violins, violas, cellos, basses, and mostly pairs of woodwinds and brass and timpani,” said Kesselman. The percussion ensemble features many types of percussion such as “marimbas, gongs, drum set, bells, plastic buckets, whistles, African drums, thunder sheets, etc.,” Kesselman added.

Each group will perform 2 or 3 selections to give the audience members an idea of the variety of music studied in the college’s music program.

All of these groups practice as classes and “all of the music ensembles are curricular with registration, credit, and grades,” said Kesselman. He says that since the music is the curriculum for the class, “we take into account the needs and abilities of students. Of course, we always hope that students will like the music and they seem to.”

Tickets are available at the Arts Center Ticket Office at 942-4000 or at the door. These student music concerts are held near mid-semester every fall and spring semester and each group performs near the end of the semesters as well. See under student music for additional information.

*Published in the College of Dupage Courier, 2013.

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