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Spotlight Interview: Black Burn Soul

Name: Jake Kramer

Age: 20

School: (interested in becoming sound technician)

Instrument: guitar &singing

Name: David Lawrence

Age: 20

School: COD (music)

Instrument: drums

Name: Mike Bettcher

Age: 20

School: COD (firefighting classes)

Instrument: bass

Genre: hard rock

Major influences?

Jake: Stevie Ray Vaughn, a lot of blues, Guns’N’Roses

David: Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Lynard Skynard , Foo Fighters. Blues and jazz are a big influence.

Mike: Killswitch Engage, Victor Whooten, Foo Fighters.Everything from blues to funk to jazz to rock. We like bands that are real and talented.

Jake: Also, Blackstone Cherry. We strive to be very real as far as our sound goes.

How did the band form/how did you guys meet?

David: Me and Jake met in first grade.

Jake: We’ve been playing music since sixth grade and playing in bands for eight years.

Mike: I met them freshman year through Chet, their old bass player. We automatically became really good friends.

David: Mike was in a metal band at Wheaton South and we were in a rock band at Wheaton North so we ended up playing  lot of shows together.

Where have you performed?

Jake: We play a lot at River Rock House in St. Charles and basically all over Wheaton. The band I was previously in played at the Metro in Chicago.

Upcoming show?

Jake: We’re playing at JB Mugs in Addison on October 28. On Nov. 11, we’re playing at River Rock House in Chicago as part of a battle of the bands event. People interested should check our Facebook page to find out show times and additional ticket information.

Who writes your songs?

Jake: I make the general structure for the song or thegeneral foundation and then we all add onto it.

David: We make suggestions to each other.

Mike: Usually Jake brings something to practice and says, “Hey, I’ve been working on this for awhile” and then we all work on it together.

Is there a theme to the lyrics?

Jake: Our lyrics talk about the world and things I think are a big issue.

David: Real things, real problems.

Jake: Yeah, we talk about real things that happen.

Mike: You gotta be able to be true to yourself and everyone around you. It comes out of issues we have seen in our real lives.

David: It’s really relatable for everybody.

Jake: It’s good to have people identify with it.

How has your music evolved over time?

Jake: Well we’re a new band. We only formed last December so we’re almost at a year but I came back from Columbia last year with a vision to start a band. I had an idea for a progressive band but the bass player wasn’t working out. Then we jammed with Mike…

David: And we gradually started taking out the synth. Before that, it was going to be like Pink Floyd with distortion.

Jake: We threw out the electronic and started the rock.

Mike: We take pride in what we do when we play.

David: We strive to be the best at our instruments. We have fun but we also take it really seriously.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Mike: Scheduling

Jake: It’s hard because we all love it so much but we all have other commitments. We practice three times a week.

David: Practices usually last two hours.

Mike: We all have jobs too.

David: But we still manage to get that practice in because we’re all serious about it.

What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands?

David: Take it seriously.

Jake: Decide if you want it to be a career or just for fun.

David: If you want to be in a band, you need to know your instrument and you need to know rhythm. You need to learn to play with others because if you always play alone you won’t have rhythm.

Mike: Play music that suits you best. You have to play music that is you, not just what is popular.

Jake: You don’t have to be good as long as you are good together. Rock is still around.

Facebook page?

Jake: Click on our profile, check out the music. We’re constantly recording, there’s new music up all the time. There’s shows, funny videos, music videos, etc…

David: Come to a show

Mike: Come hang out with us after the show.

Jake: I want to know everyone at our shows.

Additional comments:

Jake: If you take the time to listen to it, I think people will like it more than they think they will. We’re keeping rock alive. Anyone who loves rock, message us, come see us.

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