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Art at West Campus

The McAninch Arts Center will soon be going under construction until Spring 2014, which means many teachers and students have to travel to the K Building on the West side of campus.

The K Building is very old and cramped compared to the newer and bigger MAC building.

Mara Baker, a finearts professor said, “The K building is definitely challenging, the classrooms are smaller and not ideal for running studio classes. However, the faculty and students have been making the best of the situation.”

There are many students dreading the long, cold walks from the K Building to the BIC in winter.

Sam Ragusin, a graphic design student says, “The atmosphere (in the K building) doesn’t inspire me at all. It’s very drab and kind of gross. There’s no color throughout. It’s boring.”

She also said it feels very secluded from the rest of campus.

“It’s really small and there are only a few rooms with computers. There was much more open space in the MAC. I don’t get to interact with other art students.”

Baker teaches classes in three different buildings on opposite sides of campus and said it “makes for challenging to and from class commutes. My bike has become a huge help in getting me from point A to B on time.”

There are benefits to using an older space compared to new ones. Baker said” The upside is we don’t have to worry about keeping the space pristine, as the buildings will be going out of use after our stay. “

Kathleen Kamal, an art professor still in the MAC says it’s “a bit lonely-we miss the energy of the rest of the department.”

The music faculty is “certain that the recent and unexpected dismissal of critical Technical Theater staff in the MAC/College Performing Arts area (shortly after the move itself) will negatively impact our students’ ability to expect the highest in professional standards when it comes to the backstage operations of College Theater and Music productions of all type.”

Yet they are also staying positive. “That being said, we have seen an influx of yet another group of enthusiastic musicians and scholars, and look forward to another year – in what has been over 40 years of exceptional performance and scholarly work – of music offerings within the Liberal Arts division of the College of DuPage.”

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