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Former COD Student Stars in Play

Bryan Bosque, a former COD student, stars in “The Skriker” at the Red Tape Theatre.

Most students use the college as a starting point to transfer to a university, but Bryan Bosque was working towards an Associate of Arts degree in 2005 and planning to major in theater before leaving to move to the city.

He had plans to go to school there but just started working right away. His character is “one of a number of different boogeymen from British/Irish folklore and evil spirits.” He’s an “evil water horse.” One of his first performances after the college was at a Shakespeare festival’s production of “Taming of the Shrew” and he attributed that to his Shakespeare class.

“(It was) focused on metered scripts and classic language,” he said. “(It was cool to be) using what I learned in class right away in a production.”

Bosque now has a starring lead in the Red Tape Theater’s production of “The Skriker.”

This is a haunting fairytale about an ancient shape shifter who is trying to destroy the lives of two impressionable young mothers. Bosque describes it as an evocative, dark script by Carol Churchill.

This play is performed promenade style, which gives you a seemingly interactive experience. The audience walked in and formed a semicircle around the actors and for most of the show the actors are only about 2-3 feet away from you. There are also times when it seems as though the characters are speaking directly to you.

As the show progresses, the walls around the audience are on wheels and are constantly changed to create new scenes.

The theatre is very dark with only a few spotlights to give the overall performance a gloomy and scary vibe.   He also said the theater department at cod isn’t as widely known as it should be.

“It’s immense, great, and varied.” He said. “(I want to) express to fellow COD students how interesting it will be to see the new arts department and amazing talent that are the faculty. I gained so much from my time in the department.”

Bosque says The Skriker is a “sensory-oriented, great theater experience” and a “really interesting show to do.” It is running from September 20- October 20, 2012 at the Red Tape Theatre, 621 W. Belmont, Chicago. Tickets are available at or at the Red Tape Box Office.

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