Tallest Man on Earth – Lollapalooza 2012

Instead of trying to recall every detail of the weekend rom August 3-5, I’ve decided only to write about my favorite set at Lollapalooza. Though there were many talented performers and most exceeded my expectations, one lived up to the praise I had been spreading about him in the weeks before the fest. Kristian Mattson, better known as The Tallest Man on Earth, was scheduled to perform at 5:15pm on Saturday, August 4, but unfortunately an hour before the park had be evacuated due to extreme thunderstorms. Fortunately, the Tallest Man was rescheduled for 6:30 and the park reopened at 6:00 that evening once the storms subsided.

I was surprised and entertained from the beginning when Kristian came out on stage about ten minutes early and began his set. He played all his popular songs, including his new single off There’s No Leaving Now, called “1904.” This also included “The Gardener,” one of my favorites off his first full length album Shallow Grave. He switched guitars multiple times and even switched from guitar to piano for a few songs.

The blue lights shining behind him on the stage gave the whole performance a serene and uplifting quality. He even decided to play a song he hadn’t planned to saying it “seemed fitting.” The song was “It Will Follow the Rain.” He also played “Like the Wheel”  and “The Dreamer” off his EP Sometimes the Blues is Just a Passing Bird and the song “Wind and Walls” off the his new album.

Finally, after he had put on a Hawaiian lay which had been a gift from an audience member, he was called back out on stage for an encore, something I have never seen happen at Lollapalooza, unless in the rare case of a headliner. For this last song he sang “Where Do My Bluebird Fly” and then headed over to the FYE autograph tent to greet his fans at 8:00.

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