Best Coast @ the Vic Theatre, Chicago

Best Coast is an indie band from California, hence the name. They are inspired by ‘60s surf rock and girl groups and carry the rhythm of the California waves crashing into shore. They performed last night, July 28, 2012 at the Vic Theatre. This was one of their last shows of this tour with Those Darlins’, a country-punk band from Tennessee.

They performed a bunch of songs off of their new album, The Only Place (2012),including “Last Year,” “The Only Place,” “No One Like You,” “How They Want Me To Be,” “Why I Cry,” “Let’s Go Home,” and “Do You Love Me Like You Used To.” Bethany Cosentino, the singer, also dedicated a song called “Summer Mood,” from their Crazy For You album (2010), to the crowd. She divulged that “Bratty B,” also off Crazy For You is an autobiographical song and referred to herself as a “brat” at least one or two additional times. The crowd loved it. She claimed to always forget how to play the song because “since it’s about me, I always think too much and forget how to play the song,” but she went on the play the song flawlessly.

They also played a song for long-time fans off their 2010 EP Something in the Way. The song was also titled “Something in the Way.” They didn’t forget the hit “Our Deal” and closed the show with “Prom Night.”

It was great to attend a smaller show like this where the singer had real talent. Not only can Bethany play guitar seamlessly and record well but her voice sounded flawless in person, even when holding those extremely tough notes. It was a nice wave of summer heat on a surprisingly cool night in mid-July. I walked out of the show with her song, “Summer Mood,” stuck in my head. 

“There’s something about the summer…”

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