Conduits, Cymbals Eat Guitars, & Cursive Rock NYC’s Bowery Ballroom

Conduits are friends of Cursive from Omaha, Nebraska who opened the show with a fairly long set which not only didn’t have any energy to it but also sounded somewhat repetitive, as though all the songs had the same beat and simple rhythm.

Cymbals Eat Guitars got the crowd pumped for Cursive by bringing the energy level much higher and including long breakdowns in their set. The singer didn’t offer much entertainment between songs but played a long set for an opening band.

The crowd was ecstatic to see singer, Tim Kasher, step out on stage after a long wait and Cursive opened with “This House Alive” from their new album, I Am Gemini. The album is a concept album about two twins separated at birth.

Having never seen Cursive live before, I was surprised to see that both the guitarist, Stephen Pederson, and bass player, Matt Maginn, were much older than the drummer, Clint Schnase, and singer.

The audience caught a glimpse of Tim Kasher’s humor when he made a comment about his new idea for a horror movie which would be called “Santorum,” as well as the name of a new metal band he’d like to form also titled “Santorum.”

Cursive synthesized new songs in with the old and covered their grounds well album-wise. They played songs from almost every album including I Am Gemini, Domestica, Mama I’m Swollen, Happy Hollow, The Ugly Organ, and their EP Burst and Bloom. 

Although they still sounded mostly like classic Cursive with Kasher’s unique voice and indie rock style, there were a few differences compared to their earlier live performances. The guitar playing seemed toned-down in the way that heavy parts were less heavy than played in the past. This was particularly noticeable on songs from the Domestica album. “The Recluse,” a popular song of theirs, was played in a picky way instead of the way they have traditionally played it.

Other than that, the show was amazing and fans got to hear all the crowd favorites and hits such as “From the Hips,” “The Recluse,” “Art is Hard,” “The Sun and Moon,” “I Couldn’t Love You,” and many more. They played an encore of about four or five songs, finally choosing to close with “Eulogy for No Name,” the last track off I Am Gemini.

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