Lana Del Ray: From Internet Star to the Big Time

The first time I heard Lana Del Ray’s incredible voice was oddly enough through something not so incredible: a cell phone speaker. Admittedly, technology is progressing faster and faster all the time and I shouldn’t complain of the slight static emitted from such advanced devices but any music lover will tell you, quality matters. In this exceptional case, I must say it didn’t. A substandard speaker is no match for Lana’s soft but evenly modulated croon that grabs ahold of your thoughts, dreams, desires, and emotions and steals you away into a world of her own creation. Most fans can relate to this after being lured in by her hit singles “Blue Jeans” or “Videogames” both of which went viral in the summer of 2011.

If you haven’t checked her out already, I recommend you do it soon. With over 10 million views on her “Videotapes” video on YouTube, she is anything but undiscovered yet somehow avid music lovers such as myself hadn’t discovered her music until fairly recently. Surprisingly enough, she has been around in the music world since 2009 when she released an EP titled “Kill, Kill” under her real name, Lizzy Grant, but it did not receive such broad recognition as she has already achieved with her new single and upcoming album both titled Born to Die.

Another interesting thing about Lana is that she is not recognized solely for having fantastic lyrics and a catchy beat. She could sing words of nonsense and still manage to be successful with the immense amount of talent she possesses. But with lyrics such as “Heaven is a place on earth, where you tell me all the things you want to do…” even the most pragmatic people can be turned into hopeless romantics. With few official music videos, we can only catch a glimpse of this mysterious performer but the “Videogames” video will be keeping us coming back for more for a long time.

Overall, there is no comparison that will describe her music quite right since she has such a unique sound but the Brooklyn based singer is destined to become more than an internet sensation with her raspy and raw voice at times sounding similar to Nancy Sinatra and the late Amy Winehouse.  In fact Lana has described herself as a “gangsta Nancy Sinatra” assumingly because of some racy lyrics on her new album that previously read “let me f-ck you hard in the pouring rain, you like your girls insane” before being changed most likely by her manager(s). Gangster or not, she gives off an aura of class and sophistication mixed with a funky fresh personality that when put together are utterly irresistible!

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